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Our Approach

The foundation of our Company is based upon a deep understanding of cancer genetics, onco-protein function, and drug discovery.

Cancer is a genetic disease that is caused by changes in DNA that control the way cells function, especially how they grow and divide, and has historically been diagnosed and treated based on a tumor’s organ site or tissue of origin. Oncogene addiction, which is the dependency of tumors on genetic drivers for a growth and survival advantage, has enabled the development of targeted therapies that exploit this dependency.

Approved targeted therapies, such as kinase inhibitors, have transformed the treatment of cancers harboring specific genomic alterations by providing substantial clinical benefit and have emerged as an important part of standard of care for some cancer patients. Despite the success of these drugs, a recent analysis found that less than fifteen percent of patients with metastatic cancer have tumors with genetic profiles that could make them eligible for treatment with an approved precision oncology medicine.

Genetic sequencing of cancers has become increasingly widespread, leading to the discovery of multiple genetic alterations which were previously unaddressed, unsuccessfully targeted, or emerge upon resistance to current generation therapies. There remains a critical need to reveal oncogenic mutations in a scaled way and to deliver safe and effective precision medicine therapies.